Laura called me up one day, asking if I could come over  and take pics of her and Redd. They have both been my friends for more years then I can count, and I know how much he means to her… So I called up my brother Nino and asked if he would do some cinema to accompany the photographs I would be taking. He said yes and we headed to Belmar for Redd’s photoshoot. Sometimes people don’t understand the bond people have with their pets. I have had enough animals in my life to start a zoo, and know how they are extensions of ourselves. With as much personality and nuances that show how distinct they really are. Like us, only smarter. Whether it be a paw to a hand, or a closing of their eyes, they say so much… Laura, I hope you enjoy these photos of you and Redd… I love ya both very much…

P.S. keep an eye out for Nino’s video… if I know him, it will be something that will bring tears to both of our eyes… ____________________

I found the one below quite comical and busted out laughing as I was shooting,  it looks like he has a toupe