And by saying that, I am not referring to the Dr. Dre song.

Every year, I fly to California to visit friends and family  as well as take a ton of pictures. Erin ,of Erin H. Photography,  my PIC ( Partner in Crime ) had also planned a trip at the same time and we met up to photograph this engagement session.  We also had a side agenda to figure out how to  conquer the world, I mean shoot more stuff on the west side of the country… Stacie and Chet brought their dog Tommie along for a few family pictures, and we all formed an instant bond. We laughed, made jokes, and took some photos… We had so much fun, that I think 2 or 3 hours went by before we realized how much time had passed. The light in California is perfect and I hope to do many many more shoots there  whenever humanly possible.

I really dug this shoot. Stacie’s eyes were so intense and I felt that between the two of them, that whether their eyes were open or closed, they could speak volumes in their expressions and glances .No words would be needed between the 2 ~ they could have an entire conversation without moving their lips.

I feel lucky to witness moments like this and to be able to bring  them home with me ( in both camera and mind )  and then be able to share  them with others.

And what is love without fun? Erin and I were like 2 kids in a playground that was called Huntington Beach. Frequently we take funny pics of each other to test light, or to laugh about later in the editing process… Here are some of my * test * shots of the supermodel that is Erin.

If it ain’t fun… It’s not worth doin’.

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I called this post perspectives for many reasons… I usually travel to California several times a year to gain more and more of them. I had also purchased a new lens which many architectural photographers ( and now wedding / portrait photographers ) use for different ways of seeing things. Cull those two meanings and throw in the fact that Erik had  just gotten out of the hospital the night before after having an emergency appendectomy… Let’s just say it added one more to the bunch. What’s important, how friends play a big role in your life, how they let you crash on their couch for a week, and they rearrange their schedules to show you a good time when visiting. Erik and Jennelle are close friends of mine, and allow me to play Call of Duty with Erik til 3:00 am, I mean… stay with them and just overall make me feel awesome when I am there. I am glad Erik is better and has such an amazing fiance to take care of him. I cannot stress enough how excited I am to shoot your wedding in August… I came back to Nj with so much sunshine, it will last me till I can come back. Thank you guys!

{this is one of the Real Housewives of OC , that happened to walk by during our engagement session}

  1. erin said:
    awesome. absolutely awesome
    November 13, 2010  3:22 pm
  2. admin said:
    Why thank you Erin, when we move out there, we will have that awesome light every day.
    November 13, 2010  10:46 pm

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