Laura called me up one day, asking if I could come over  and take pics of her and Redd. They have both been my friends for more years then I can count, and I know how much he means to her… So I called up my brother Nino and asked if he would do some cinema to accompany the photographs I would be taking. He said yes and we headed to Belmar for Redd’s photoshoot. Sometimes people don’t understand the bond people have with their pets. I have had enough animals in my life to start a zoo, and know how they are extensions of ourselves. With as much personality and nuances that show how distinct they really are. Like us, only smarter. Whether it be a paw to a hand, or a closing of their eyes, they say so much… Laura, I hope you enjoy these photos of you and Redd… I love ya both very much…

P.S. keep an eye out for Nino’s video… if I know him, it will be something that will bring tears to both of our eyes… ____________________

I found the one below quite comical and busted out laughing as I was shooting,  it looks like he has a toupe



  1. Mary Harris said:
    Beautiful photographs! They actually brought tears to my eyes. Redd is a handsome boy, and these photos really capture the bond that Laura and Redd have.
    November 16, 2011  11:28 am
  2. John said:
    I appreciate that. It was so important to me to capture their bond. It's shoots like these that make me love what I do. I try to make a difference with my camera every time I go out the door.
    November 16, 2011  11:34 am
  3. nadya said:
    awww love this session! that last shot is perfection! too cute all of them!
    November 16, 2011  11:51 am
  4. John said:
    thank you nadya...I wanted that one to have a feel of where they both have been... making tracks together...
    November 16, 2011  11:55 am
  5. Tanya D said:
    This session makes me so misty, I have my own pets and photograph them constantly, but i also get freelance shoots for other peoples pets, and some have passed on before I can deliver them, and It's the most emotional editing process I can think of, and makes me happy that I am giving them an extension of memories that touch them deeply for years during and after. Really great capture, I'm sure she loves them as much as her baby, I truly feel her bond in these images.
    November 16, 2011  12:13 pm
  6. John said:
    Yeah, Redd is not feelin so well... I lost my cat this year, and I miss him... so with that, I put my heart into Redd.
    November 16, 2011  12:17 pm
  7. Laura Koss said:
    John. Thank you. Really, thank you. When we're not together anymore, I'll have these images to remember my Reddy, my boy, my love. I'll never forget that day and what you and Nino did for me. Even though it was just one day, there are eight years packed into his eyes, and you captured every minute of everyone of those years with your camera. Thanks to both of you. Redd thanks you too.
    November 16, 2011  12:45 pm
  8. John said:
    The story you told me of you and Redd in the car I will carry with me as long as you carry these photos. I am lucky to know the both of you... even if Nino gets all the pancakes.
    November 16, 2011  12:57 pm
  9. Kerry said:
    Beautiful photos...made me cry
    November 16, 2011  1:16 pm
  10. Juliet said:
    Beautiful!!! I love, love, love them!
    November 16, 2011  6:00 pm
  11. John said:
    Thank you Juliet!
    November 16, 2011  6:05 pm
  12. PIC said:
    I'm balling my eyes out! Great job, PIC. I'm so proud of you for these photos.
    November 17, 2011  12:35 pm
  13. John said:
    Thank you Erin. I think we need to do a shoot with your lil one as well...
    November 17, 2011  1:11 pm
  14. Amie said:
    No other words but.......BREATHTAKING my friend!!!!!!!!
    November 18, 2011  6:26 am
  15. John said:
    thank you miss amie!
    November 18, 2011  6:31 am
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  17. John- I can't tell you how deeply this story of Laura and Reddy touched me. It made me cry because I too share that same love and close bond with my Zoe. I know she loves me as much as I love her and not a day goes by that I don't tell her how much I do. I too have had other pets in my life and I loved them also. But once in a while a special bond is formed with a very special dog and that's what me and my Zoe share. She's the sparkle in my eyes, the smile on my face, and the warmth in my heart. She is truly a gift from God. Your photos are beautiful!
    March 13, 2012  7:29 pm
  18. John said:
    Thank you! It meant so much to me to be able to photograph them ( Laura, Redd and I have been friends for years ) and it is also nice to hear that you share that as well.I have not seen a bond like that in quite a long time, and know how it feels as I lost my cat last year as well.I appreciate your words and it is the reason I do what I do.
    March 13, 2012  7:50 pm

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I had met Kira and Dan at a mutual friend’s wedding I was photographing and over time we became friends. She too is a photographer so when she asked if I could photographer her family  … I said duh. That is when the   task of trying to align everybody’s schedule began… As fate would have it, we were all free at the same time on a sunny day in August  and headed up to  Huber Woods Park.  We walked around the awesome grounds, acted silly and had a ton of fun taking pictures…     


When Kira and I discussed the shoot, I asked if they wouldn’t mind doing  a few couples pictures penis enlargement pills side effects that I wanted to add to my website and blog. She said yeah, and since I know her and Dan like to bike around town, I had them bring them to the park. Part of what I do is trying to piece together people and who they are. Like biking. It is important to them, it is what they love to do, so therefore… it is important to me to share that aspect as well.

They braved the heat, me making fart noises that made Haydan laugh ( as well as them too ) and a couple of wheelies down the road.

These are my favorites from the day, I hope you enjoy!

  1. erin said:
    Ooooh so gorgeous! The "wheel" shots are awesome!! Great job PIC.
    August 12, 2011  1:00 pm

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