All the leaves had not yet fallen, so we capitalized on not only the last light of the day ( which was pretty epic ) but also all the colors the leaves had to offer. Christina and David have a love for lighthouses, so we headed to Twin Lights in the Atlantic Highlands to photograph their engagement session. Situated 200 feet above sea level atop the Navesink Highlands, Twin Lights has stood as a sentinel over the treacherous coastal waters of northern New Jersey since 1828. Named Navesink Lightstation, it became known as the “Twin Lights of Highlands” to those who used its mighty beacons to navigate. As the primary seacoast light for The Highlands, New York Harbor, it was the best and brightest light in North America for generations of seafarers. Many a life and cargo were saved by this very lighthouse! We walked around the grounds and in the second to last shot, I lit them only with the light coming from the same light that used to guide the ships to port.  I wanted to incorporate their love with something that they personally take an interest in. It tends to give it a significance to that couple and meaning on a deeper level. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did

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