About once a year, photographers of all types head to Vegas for the annual WPPI conference which holds classes on all sorts of subjects as well as a trade show exhibiting new equipment, products and fancy gadgets. Having already been to it twice, my sole intention of going this time was to make use of the desert that Nevada is all too happy to provide. So after spending a few days at the conference, Nikki, Chip and I headed out to the Nelson Ghost Town about 45 mins away from the strip. A popular destination for photographers because of all the rustic elements, history and props to use in their photos. This time would be no different as the three of us explored all it had to offer. Truth be told, we barely scratched the surface of all it had to offer and are already planning to go back again during the next conference. We braved cacti, saw Jackrabbits, and had a beautiful background for our photos no matter where we turned. Below are a few of my favorites and can’t wait to go back!
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