I met Emily and Eric last year on an engagement shoot I tagged along on… That is where Eric and I bonded. Wait, what? yes… I made a new friend during the engagement shoot. That is why when their wedding was coming up, I was excited to shoot it with miss Erin, of Erin H Photography. It’s always a good day when the groom is totally down for pictures. I also took notice of a bunch of moments that were happening through the day… hence why this post is heavy with the black and whites. There were so many lil pockets of goodness, I could of have kept shooting another 10 hours…

some things I noticed about them

while at the altar, they constantly looked at each other

she would mouth the words “I love you”  while looking at him

when it was time for the kiss, he did it once, and then went back for a second

while dancing with his mom, he still couldn’t take his eyes off his bride

You can’t fake that kind of love for another person, I felt lucky as all hell I got to be there to witness it…

Thank you Emily and Eric for such a beautiful wedding and Erin for wanting me along!

  1. Beautiful job, John! Love the emotion and moments you captured!
    May 2, 2013  9:30 pm
  2. John said:
    thank you miss angela!
    May 2, 2013  9:32 pm
  3. Emily said:
    John this is AMAZING!!!!!!! Thank you so so much! I started to cry when I read this. Eric and I were so lucky to have you and Erin shoot our wedding, these pictures are incredible and we had so much fun taking them!
    May 7, 2013  11:54 am
  4. John said:
    I think we were the lucky ones - it's not every day you witness such an amazingly beautiful couple in every sense of the word
    May 7, 2013  11:58 am

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On a beautiful day in December, Jaye, Carolina and I photographed Amanda and Brian’s wedding. Even though it drizzled a little that day, You wouldn’t have known, as it didn’t affect anything.

I have known Amanda for a few years now, and also known Brian as well. When asked if I would photograph their wedding, I was overjoyed as I knew it would be an amazing time.

The reception was held at the beautiful Shadowbrook, and SCE Event Group provided the entertainment which was absolutely flawless….

Here are some of my favorite images from all of us.


P.S. I got a lil misty eyed during parents dances Amanda and Brian… I loved when the testimonials to your parents were played!

  1. Stunning! Beautiful as always. All of them! Merry Christmas!!
    December 23, 2012  8:47 pm
  2. John said:
    Thank you!
    December 23, 2012  8:52 pm
  3. Stephanie DeCotiis said:
    Rob's parents were at this wedding! Beautiful as always John.
    December 28, 2012  7:11 am

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This was such a fun wedding. Light abounding, spacious areas to photograph in,and I got to  work with the amazing Carolina ( whose images are sprinkled throughout this post ) , and not to mention – an Angry Bird fight between the first and second floor that I may or may not have partaken in. Jill & Nick both looked amazing and it was such a beautiful day. Not to mention, they did the first look on Spring Lake Boardwalk. If you are planning the details of your day, I highly recommend doing this. It is so wrought with emotion and smiles that if I could put Jill’s emotion when she saw Nick for the first time, and he saw her in her dress… I would bottle it up and include it in every wedding I photographed.

Not to mention, Jill made Carolina and I lil goodie bags of water and snacks for the day – which is amazingly thoughtful and I definitely scarfed down in a matter of seconds, the contents of said bag…

Reception was at the beautiful Clarks Landing in Point Pleasant NJ

Thank you for viewing these images and I hope you enjoy!

  1. Beautiful photography...

    I look at a lot of wedding dresses and watch all of the wedding shows on TV... this gown is THE most gorgeous I've seen in a real long time. Stunning bride!
    November 27, 2012  5:07 pm
  2. John said:
    She was amazingly beautiful...and thoughtful too ! She made us lil goodie bags.
    November 27, 2012  5:12 pm
  3. That one b&w shot of the her in the dress from behind really shows its detail. The natural light in that photo is incredible.
    November 27, 2012  5:16 pm
  4. John said:
    yeah, the light was super amazing that day!
    November 27, 2012  5:18 pm
  5. Jill said:
    John you are quite the photographer.. Thank you for the kind words...

    MC the dress is by Jim Hjelm... The petals were so fun and pretty!
    November 27, 2012  5:24 pm

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As I was editing these images, a feeling of nostalgia came over me. I remember the day like I shot it yesterday…

The 5 min commute to bride prep…

The way Amber ( Ambie ) had to look up at the ceiling when her dad was coming in, because she didn’t want to cry and needed to try and quell the emotion that was rising up…

The way her dad couldn’t quell his and the way they embraced when he saw his daughter for the first time…

The two of them holding in hands in the church, and stealing glances at each other whenever possible

Seeing the way Austin viewing the amazing waves that were rolling in on their wedding day

And the level of hotness of the bridal party ( for reals )

everything was just… there.

relaxed, confident , and care free would be the 3 words I would attribute to this wedding.

I was lucky to have my brother from another mother Ben Tapper with me on their special day, whose images are mixed in as well.



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I grew up knowing Shaun. He’s my best friend’s little brother. When he asked if I would shoot his wedding to Lindsey, of course I said yes. This wedding was particularly special to me, as it was everyone I grew up with. New friends became old friends and vice versa . It was an amazing day, with amazing light and amazing people. I had the amazing Liz and Nino with me this day that got some amazing images, which are sprinkled in with mine =)

The reception was at The Breakers and Elite Entertainment provided the music which everyone jammed out to!

  1. erin said:
    Absolutely gorgeous PIC. Great job- as always. I love the bride and groom. F-ing gorgeous couple. And the one bridesmaids dress (sheer vintage one) is my fav.
    November 15, 2012  10:05 am
  2. John said:
    Thank you PIC!
    November 15, 2012  12:19 pm
  3. Jussara said:
    John, i am your fan!! great job!
    December 16, 2012  8:13 pm
  4. John said:
    Thank you!!
    December 16, 2012  8:14 pm
  5. Lindsey said:
    I will treasure these photographs for the rest of my life. We can never thank you enough!
    October 8, 2014  4:10 pm
  6. John said:
    Thank you!
    October 8, 2014  4:12 pm

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I was listening to a song, probably something off the Dave Matthews Station on my Pandora. A song came on about deep water. It got  me to thinking. We swim around this world, occasionally we delve a lil deeper into it, but more often then not, we can’t fathom it’s true depths…

Doing groom prep with Ethan, and then meeting his beautiful bride Kara made me feel like I was in this ocean. We were all just swimming about the surface but knew there was sooooo much more that we  couldn’t see.

Carolina, of CWR Photography, asked if I would come along because this super cool couple from California was getting married. As anyone who’s read my blog, I love all things California… plus working alongside Carolina, who’s work always amazes me – was the icing on the cake. I guess you could call it, Caro Cake…

Anyway, back to the story. This wedding was held at the Abbey Holmes Estate, which if you ever get a chance to go there… just oozes vintage and homey kind of feel… while scouting locations we ran into the people who run it, and that’s who’s lil baby I photographed…. It’s instantly like you are at home…

And not to sound cheesy or nothin, but the energy that day was amazing. Everybody was just about the couple, about the art, and about having fun… I can honestly say this is one of my favorite weddings this year…. so without meandering too long with words, please enjoy the images….

would also like to thank SoundInMind DJ Services for gettin the people up and dancing so we could take some fun dancing photos!

  1. Adrian Rice said: captured the love...thank you.
    October 17, 2012  7:53 pm
  2. John said:
    thank you!
    October 17, 2012  7:55 pm
  3. Michele said:
    I have never seen such beautiful wedding pictures.

    They take your breath away.
    October 18, 2012  8:25 am
  4. John said:
    I am flattered you think so highly of my work... quite humbling.
    October 18, 2012  8:36 am
  5. Jen Vitale said:
    W.O.W. Seriously some of the most gorgeous wedding photos ever. Really, truly beautiful. I love your eye for composition!
    October 19, 2012  2:56 pm
  6. Meghan said:
    these first look images completely choked me up. my eyes filled with tears. you captured such an amazing thing. this wedding really jumped out at me. keep up the amazing work. i love it unconditionally.
    January 20, 2013  5:26 pm
  7. John, these are AMAZING!! Some of my favorite work of yours I've ever seen. Such emotion and drama and the composition are crazy good!! So lovely!!
    April 24, 2013  8:22 pm
  8. John said:
    thank you! This was one of my favorite weddings of all time
    April 24, 2013  8:47 pm

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Jackie and I have known and worked together for several years now, we met when she was just out of high school. Time went by and she was to now marry Pat who has been with her as long as I have known her. Jackie is a firecracker and Pat is perfect… no really, he is. During the Roasts Toasts that night, they nicknamed him ” Perfect Pat ” which kinda stuck for all the guests that night. Honestly, the two of them are perfect in so many ways… at what they do, but more importantly… for each other. It’s interesting to see the progression in people’s lives.  One day, Jackie’s callin me buttface ( she probably always will ) and  next thing I am seeing her walk down the aisle, marrying her true love. I don’t take times like this lightly and I feel very honored to be included in their special day.

I would like to thank Carolina for second shooting with me this day -I love working with her and she is super amazing. I love working with people who’s creative energy I can feed off of.

I would also like to thank Jay Thomson, of Elite Entertainment for providing the music and mojo ( which got everybody on the dance floor ) at the River House in Brielle  – He is an amazing talented individual… He also happens to be my best friend of 15+ years….

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For weeks on end, I have been going over the words in my head when thinking of what to write for this post. Sentences would come in and out of my mind – flashbacks of the days down there. And now I sit here, at my computer… pictures are all ready to load in…. long pause. This has to be one of my absolute favorite weddings of all time. It wasn’t the destination, it wasn’t the fact we took pictures in a penthouse that will forever be out of my pay grade, it wasn’t even the fact I got to walk on sand that was so soft that it felt like you were walking on ice cream * thank you to Stephanie Sherwood who came up with that analogy , as it was the best possible way to describe it. What made it the best was the love. Not to sound like a sap, but it was just there. All around, from family members to friends. Every one involved in the details of the wedding felt it as well… When you can sit on a beach with the bride and groom , her sister and father and they pick french fries off your plate, there is something to be said about that. Friendship is too small of a word to try and sum up what I felt down there. And if all these words sound longwinded, trust me – they are not. This wedding meant the world to me and changed my perspective on alot of things. With that being said, I must do justice to how much this weddinghas made an impression on me. So I added some words along with the imagery.


Doing what I love most in this world, next to making people laugh, is taking pictures. I am lucky enough to have met so many great people in this field.  One of them is  Stephanie Sherwood, of Photography by Sherwood .We both have a yearning for all that is awesome, and when she asked if I would assist her on this wedding ( and after doing a Redd Foxx impression of almost having a heart attack)  I gathered my marbles and said yes . We flew down a few days ahead of time to scope everything out, meet Karen, Dennis and family and try to plan out how the day was gonna go. We were so excited, we couldn’t wait for the wedding day.

Then, after much anticipation, the day finally came. We headed to Grace Bay Club and while Steph went with the girls, I headed to where Dennis was getting ready with the guys.

After that, we headed up to the penthouse Online Casino. For the First look and formal portraits…

Now, if you ever find yourself with $18k to spend nightly, this is definitely the place to stay. Luckily, we weren’t staying there, just doing some pictures and making use of every corner of it as it was a photographer’s dream to shoot in there.

One of the little known moments for me was when the mother of the bride looked over  for a few seconds. She had to  catch a breath from all the emotion. I smiled back and without saying a word, she too felt the solace in the fact that she wasn’t the only one witnessing this. It was the kind of  reassurance that got me  nifty hug and an ” I needed that ” afterwards.

Part of doing what I do, and what any photographer does, is to look around and see what is going on. When you look out at so many people and they are all crying, it’s gotta say something to you intrinsically. Couple that with the vows, and Karen reading a quote from Winnie the Pooh, where she said …

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.”

What you get is:  a photographer who’s eyes are watering from behind the camera as much as Dennis’s was at the altar…

And of course it wouldn’t be complete without members of the bridal party and guests diving into the pool in full attire… one of those moments I was glad I didn’t put my camera away just yet…

Below is one of my favorite images… By no means is it the best, but to me its the realest. It’s the good stuff. It ‘s the moment that :

driving one of the bridesmaids to the venue on the back of a scooter with dress in tow,

sitting outside with the family watching a football game at a bar and buying my new friend’s a round,

 and sharing such great moments with people that aren’t clients, but a warm family that has invited you into their fold,

that creates memories I will never forget…

is all about.


I would like to thank Stephanie for giving me this opportunity to share in this trip. I came back someone different, someone greater. I shared time, conversation and food with some of the greatest people I have ever met. I saw so many amazing things and experienced so much. For that, I am forever grateful.

I would also like to thank every person down there who made me feel welcome.

You have set the bar of Awesome.

  1. Heather said:
    Fairytale wedding... so beautiful...

    What a gorgeous and heartwarming set of photos, John. :)
    January 2, 2012  8:49 am
  2. John said:
    Thank you very much. This wedding meant the world to me.
    January 3, 2012  8:02 pm

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I got a message from Erin, of Erin H Photography,  asking if I could help her on a friend’s wedding as she was a close friend/guest and that it would mean a lot to her.  If it means a lot to her, naturally it means a lot to me. So, on a nice fall day, we headed up to Schooley’s Mountain Lodge where we met up with Amanda& Kristen. That is where the fun started… It’s as if everything  just fell into place while we were shooting. As a photographer, these are the days you dream of. The light was probably the best I have ever seen, and would change the mood of the scene in a matter of seconds. Erin and I take what we do to heart so much that when we see a picture we like, we get all excited and are like 2 kids in a candy store… seriously. It probably has to be the funniest thing to be on the couple’s side and see us scurry around like squirrels getting different angles. We musta been on overload this day with everything that was before us. It’s almost as if this day could use some lofty  poem, or random quip about nature and love… But I don’t think their day needs that. It was beautiful just to witness. The fact I had the opportunity to bring the camera up to my eye and share it with everybody is a gift within itself.

Erin.Thank you for inviting me this day, and every day… you keep me on my toes and inspire me to be an ever better photographer. It’s days like this that keep me up  til 5 in the morning editing my favorite images because I am so excited to see them come alive. We are gonna make our dream of shooting from coast to coast happen. Just watch.

Amanda & Kristen. Thank you for saving me a spot at your table and the time in both your lives where a bond was made and will never be broken. I was an hour away from my house, but you made me feel like home could be anywhere.


I couldn’t decide which I liked more, the serious or the silly – in either case, these 2 are my favorite pics from the day


below is the illustrious Erin – Fashionista/Photographer/Documenter of all things awesome.



  1. erin said:
    Kickin' butt and taking names. Love it. Love you- PIC
    November 7, 2011  8:34 am
  2. Dot Farnsworth said:
    These photos are downright glorious--a worthy capturing of a beautiful day!
    December 3, 2011  9:39 am
  3. John said:
    thank you!
    December 3, 2011  9:44 am

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