All the pertinent info

How do you photograph weddings, and what's your style?

I love going over the logistics to help you before your wedding day. I'll go over the day with you to help organize and plan the timeline to maximize for the best moments for not only the couple photos, but for the bridal party and family as well. I will usually show up about an hour to an hour and a half before we leave prep so that I can document photos of your dress, shoes, invites as well as you getting in your dress. On your wedding day, all I want to capture is the feelings, the mood, the emotions, the calm and crazy moments and all the details that make your wedding unique. That's why I decided to photograph non-traditional and laid-back weddings in the first place.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm a New Jersey and Pennsylvania based photographer. However I do travel and have done numerous events in other states and countries. If you want me to photograph your story, it will require a travel fee, depending on where it takes place. But no worries, I always try to find the cheapest way to come because I love the way my creativity is when faced with a new location.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 8 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

How many pictures will we receive?

For the average 8 hours of coverage at a wedding, you will receive between 600 to 800 edited images. I always choose quality rather than quantity and that's why I will choose the best and more significant photos to tell your story.

For engagements it's usually between 80-120

Family sessions anywhere from 100-150 depending on how many family members are there and breakdowns of individuals within the family.

What do we wear to the engagement or family session?

I always tell my families Sunday best - the days of matching white polo shirts and jeans are over. If you prefer more casual, that's ok too! I usually recommend colors in the same palette and scheme, avoid anything with busy patterns or logos.

What should we bring to the family session?

Treats. Definitely treats. Not for me, but for the children to get them to smile, even works on dads too! If they have a favorite toy or what not that's always good as well. I am not a huge fan of props as it creates a spectacle with everything out and about and draws the ire of park rangers. As well as, you lose some of the spontaneity in the images.

Can we bring the family pet?

The answer will always be yes to this. I am a huge animal person and even did a shoot once where I was holding onto a 120 lb dog who had the zoomies while simultaneously taking pics of the family.

When do you usually start the session?

99% of the time I start them about an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. If it's grey out, there's more leeway, but that's usually when the best light is.

Let's talk prints, do I have to purchase from you?

You can order prints through me or your own lab. If you choose to purchase prints through me, you have the added protection that if there's something wrong with the order, I can take care of it, as I use high quality professional labs. I also tend to apply a discount to the image gallery so you can get better prints than pretty much any other lab.

How are you this awesome?

Honestly, I can't explain it... Probably comes from my momma.

Can you customize a package for me?

I can usually piece together something if you don't see it listed. Let's talk.

Are there any additional fees?

For Family Sessions, there is a $20 per person fee for families over 15 people on the El Magnifico Collection

Travel Fee: Travel fees will be added onto family/engagement sessions that are over 60 minutes from 07719

Weddings: If the location is over 80 minutes from 07719, a hotel stay is required.

Do you retouch the photos?

I do general toning, exposure and cropping, as well as some minor cosmetic stuff ( blemishes ) I can also remove objects/people at an additional cost of $20 per image.

Should we do a first look?

99% percent of the time I will say yes. In my over 15 years of experience, the days where we do first looks, tend to run way smoother. If you are getting married at the venue, and don't want to miss your cocktail hour, you definitely need one. Trying to fit 90 minutes worth of photos into 60, and that's everyone is there and on time, and not in the bathroom or at the bar, is next to impossible. Are there times where that wouldn't apply? Of course! If you have a gap of time, if you have an extended cocktail hour, or if you have a small bridal party or family. My goal on your wedding day is to tell your story, the last thing I want to do is have you feel rushed, hence the first look. When you do that, it leaves so much room for activities ( shoutout if you caught that reference ) Plus, I can tell you unequivocally, that if you are worried your spouse won't react as much as if they saw you coming down the aisle... they usually always do. It's your big day. If they are wrought with emotion, it will come out either time or both.