The Story of a Photographer

I'm a self proclaimed comedian with a camera. Life is too short to not take stock of all the amazing moments in life. The good the bad and everything in between. Through the lens of my camera, and what my eye sees, I've gotten to see some pretty neat things and even cooler people. Some people start off as clients and end up as close friends and family. I love trying to catch those moments that you don't always see. I love mac and cheese, DMB, and roadtrips. If you want to know more, reach out and let's talk.

me , I mean cmon... look at me.

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Jenn and Drew

I can't say enough about John! He was easy to work with from the beginning and the day of he was so awesome keeping things moving and light at the same time. Pictures are exhausting but he and his team made it fun! My husband and I wanted candid shots and not so staged and he went above our expectations.

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